Miller Lite makes its long awaited debut in Canada

SABMiller, the creators of Miller beer and other well known beers has finally launched it’s Miller Lite product in Canada.  In their ad campaign, they are right to use their beer heritage to promote this new offering.

The brewer touts its brand as “the light beer that invented light beer” referring to its heritage back to 1973.  How successful the uptake will be is still yet to be seen.  Although beer consumption is high in Canada, it has slipped due to substitutes like wine and spirits.  However, SABMiller’s research seems to show that the light-beer segment grew slightly at 3 percent from 2013.

One way to differentiate Millerlite from competitors is by using marketing language that is unusual for light beers.  It was found that SABMiller instructed samplers at events to use language such as “mouthfeel”, “aroma” and “finish” to describe the beer’s taste profile.

In addition to differentiating based on brand positioning, bringing authenticity and heritage of the brand is advantageous especially if it has a significant past.  Most if not all beers market a lifestyle rather than focusing on the beer itself, so SABMiller’s approach is refreshing departure from the current convention.

Posted by: Yusuf Hasan

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