Maytag bringing sexy back (huh?)

Much like McDonald’s reintroduction of the Ham-burglar as discussed in class, it appears that Maytag has done the same.  We all remember the original Maytag Repairmen, Jesse White, a jolly old and lovable man who was appeared in 68 commercials from ’67 to ’89.

Since then, Maytag has brought a new and improved albeit somewhat sexy repair man (cue to the cheesy porn music). 6-foot tall actor Colin Fergusan, donning the familiar blue uniform and black-billed cap.

Maytag has further worked on its brand’s sexiness with a racy new commercial for the Pan Am games, where the ad agency that was hired saw the opportunity to tackle the dirtiest clothes out there – athletic gear using Maytag’s washers and dryers, with athletes peeling off their clothes and throwing them at Maytag guy!

Found here:

I think this was an interesting way to stand out for the brand in a crowded field of commercials and sponsors.  By being a little racy I believe they are able to catch some more viewers attention.  In addition, the Maytag brand has been affected due to washers breaking down frequently.  Also to address a lack of brand presence online, Maytag has put much more investment in digital and social media space than in the past as well as analytical tracking to show how campaigns such as this perform.

Overall it’s interesting to see how brand personalities evolve over time depending on what customers resonate with.  Companies should be careful to still retain some of the familiar brand cues in each iteration to show evolution than downright replacement.

Posted by: Yusuf Hasan

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