British Airways trying to appeal to Canadians

In the midst of a competitive travel market ahead of a busy summer vacation season, British Airways is trying to improve its brand attractiveness by appealing to Canadians by rewarding people with travel deals if they can answer mini-quizzes on Canadian trivia like “What’s a double-double?”, a choice between a double patty hamburger and a Tim hortons cup of coffee.

While the questions aren’t really meant to stump anyone, it uses a bit of humour to an attractive Canadian consumer market as British and European airlines look to expand their customer base in a seemingly saturated market.

In general Canadians take great lengths to ensure they are not mistaken for Americans, although to the untrained foreigner’s ear they may sound more or else the same.  I thought by using a little humour, attracting new customers was a nice strategy to employ for the brand.

Posted by: Yusuf Hasan

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