Tim Hortons is Canada’s most trusted brand, research shows

Tim Hortons is the most trusted corporate brand in Canada according to the Gustav Brand Index (http://www.uvic.ca/gustavson/brandtrust/index.php).  According to research, Tim Hortons is significantly ahead of both other restaurants and other brands on qualities such as consistency, reliability, honesty and care, which consumers value in corporate brands.

I was not surprise to learn (or I should say, confirm) that Tim Hortons is a brand loved by most, if not all, Canadians. Some of the reasons that are most often articulated include:

– Part of the Canadian Culture (Coffee and Hockey)

– It’s not American (more specifically, it’s not Starbucks)

– The Timmis friendly experience

– Nostalgia (most of our parents drank or still drink the coffee)

– The loyalty programs (Roll up the Rim and Win)

– Community support programs (Tim Hortons Children Foundation, CAMP)

I think it’s great that we support our Canadian brands. However, I was a bit surprised to find out that quality was not at the top of the list. Are we, Canadians, that lenient on judging our brands in terms of performance?


2 thoughts on “Tim Hortons is Canada’s most trusted brand, research shows

  1. I, as well as, many other people have began not going to Tim Horton’s because the value for dollar value does not match other coffee providers such as McDonald’s. I really believe the fact that Tim’s has been raising prices steadily combined with decreased coffee especially when Coffee is not disposed off at the right times gives the impression that Tim’s does not care about the revenue providers.


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