Netflix: Killing its Competition with Brand Identity


An article by Jason Lynch speaks to how clear branding is the key to Netflix’s success over other streaming providers such as Amazon and Hulu. A new study was completed by iModerate to look at how consumers perceived each brand. Netflix killed their competition, dominating its high impact in the entertainment platform industry and its strong brand identity. With respect to brand identity, the study highlighted how Netflix users talk about watching shows on Netflix. Users say “watching Netflix” instead of naming the specific show being watched. This says a lot about how the Netflix platform is driving its content.

With life as busy as it is, purchasing a platform service that allows you to watch tv shows and movies on demand (or should I say allows you to binge watch yours shows), creates such a convenience that will only get more dominant as time goes on. Netflix has found a way to reshape the industry and force other networks to adapt to its “anything, anywhere low-cost” model.

Christina Granieri

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