McDonald’s: The ‘McBike’


I am by no means a McD’s fan. Like its price, I find the quality of its food to be cheap and think that people who dine frequently are setting themselves up for health issue disasters in the future. However, besides my thoughts on the food, time and time again, McD’s has been able to create and sustain a very strong brand identity with not only its customers, but the world!… and they have done it again.

Seeing how our generation has been on a – pumping iron, cross fit, yoga, running, jucicing, green smoothie, organic, non GMO health kick, Mc’D’s is jumping on board with its lighter, healthier menu, as well as its most newest invention – the new and cool takeout packaging for cyclists – ‘the McBike’. This cool packaging was first implemented in Denmark but is quickly spreading around the world.

I give them credit for the cool packaging idea, I do. However, if I’m cycling and taking care of my health, why in the world would I go to McD’s to pick up a meal? Cool package or not, does it really make a difference?

Christina Granieri

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