Bring it down…

I’m sure many of you have seen or hear about the tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina. It’s a sad reminder of the past and the little progress that has been made on the racial front in the United States. There’s been much debate about the Confederate flag and what it represents to people.

Some Americans believe it represents political ideology, specifically, libertarianism, and on other side, some believe that its a symbolism for racism, slavery and inequality. whatever the view, the recent church shooting has changed what the flag represents forever.

The flag exposed the deep rooted racial inequalities that still exist in the South. The Confederate flag is the tip of the brand iceberg and it represents so much more lie underneath. There are still statues and highways that named after Confederate Generals that black people need to be reminded of every day as they drive to and from work. These need to be brought to the spotlight for Americans to debate and come to consensus to whether this is what they want as a part of their identity. In my opinion, just bring it down.


Gina Lee

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