The Beer Store drive thru

The Beer Store is an interesting business to look at from a brand perspective. A brand with basically a monopoly that is owned by the top beer brands in the world has undergone some interesting changes. First of all, they underwent a rebrand that got themselves away from the orange signs and into a more modern look and design. With this rebrand came an update to its stores, removing a lot of the walk-in and shop stores to something a little more full service. And most recently, there are drive thru locations opening up. Here is an article showcasing the location in Kitchener

It makes you think why are they doing all of this? My answer is that it looks like they might have to start thinking about real brand loyalty… Although the Beer Store and the LCBO are the only two places to buy beer in Ontario, the Beer Store has always been the number one choice given the cost advantages, choice, and the ability to buy in bulk. However, with talks regarding changes in beer selling, it looks like the Beer Store will need to think more about competition and driving customer loyalty.

Without the incoming competitive pressure would the Beer Store bother doing these brand changes?

James LaJoie

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