The Honest Company- a branding success story


I personally wanted to write about Jessica Alba’s “The Honest Company” because it amazes me how this brand emerged, seemingly overnight and has become a billion dollar success story in just 4 years! So many companies spend decades building that type of brand awareness and recognition and Alba has managed to take North America by storm with her non-toxic home and baby products.

The idea for the Honest company began in 2008, shortly after Alba gave birth to her first child Honor. Alba was determined to get serious about this venture when one of her mother’s product recommendations caused Honor a welt outbreak. It took several years after that to find her business partners and in 2011 the company launched with 17 products and hasn’t looked back.

The absurd level of growth that this brand has experienced is proof that peace of mind and socially conscious products sell- especially among the so-called “ helicopter” parents. This is a generation of parents whose style of parenting demands only the best products for their children and remains vigilant about everything that goes near their child.

In interviews Jessica Alba discusses how much she emphasizes the use of social media to promote her company and to engage in an open dialogue with her customers and prospects.

Everything from the Social, PR, Packaging, Ease of use of the online ordering and clever bundling of product lines such as diapers and wipes or cleaning essentials all contribute to building such a powerful brand. But it doesn’t stop there- this summer the company will further expand product lines into feminine hygiene and natural beauty.

The Honest co also demonstrates how taking action when building a brand helps provide credibility in the minds of consumers. Alba has lobbied the United States congress to make the testing of children’s clothing and toys for chemical inputs a more stringent process.

Looking forward to my first delivery of cleaning products from the Honest company- I can’t wait to test them out and see if all this hype is indeed warranted!


One thought on “The Honest Company- a branding success story

  1. Nicole,

    I completely agree with Jessica’s self-brand extension and the alignment to her image as a celebrity. It is much easier for fans and followers to resonate with Jessica because she is experiencing motherhood and is bringing her fan base along for the ride. She also carries herself very well and as a mother, it makes sense that she is advocating for such a great cause.

    I also think it is a smart move to extend the brand into feminine hygiene and natural beauty because again, this woul dbe an extension of her image.

    Great article!

    Yvonne Lae


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