Experiential Marketing & Food

Experiential marketing in my opinion is one of the best approaches when it comes promoting a brand of food. Recently, I went grocery shopping on a Sunday and there was a gigantic Heluva Good food truck set up. Young, fun music was blasting out of the food truck with energetic brand representatives handing out large size samples of Heluva dip in three flavors with bags of chips. Needless to say it was delicious and made my trip to the grocery store that much more enjoyable.

Many organizations are using experiential marketing to allow consumers to experience their brand. Experiential marketing allows organizations to form a memorable and emotional connection between the customer and the brand which creates customer loyalty and can influence purchase decisions. In the case of my experience with Heluva Good, they were able to make a memorable connection with me and I will now be purchasing their dip to bring to a BBQ I’ll be attending this weekend.

Experiential marketing might not make sense for every brand but organizations should consider whether it fits within their overall marketing strategy. Depending on the emotion organizations are trying to create, the product itself and the target market; experiential marketing is worth the investment.

-Victoria Bambrick


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