Does Bath & Body Works have a personality?

Bath & Body Works (B&B) is one of my favourite stores to visit and usually one of my go to stores when buying home gifts for others. The moment, you walk in the store your overwhelmed with the aroma of different fragrances. The products in B&B correspond with the season. For example, the fall products will be scents of pumpkin, apple pie and fall leaves.

I’ve always wondered how this organization attracts customers like myself to purchase their over-priced hand soaps, candles, and other scented products resulting in B&B owning close to two thousand stores across North America. I personally think it might come down to their brand personality.

If B&B were a person they would be female, living in the suburbs, with a cute dress, be of mom-age and would be home obsessed. B&B has been able to portray these human characteristics which are very similar to their typical user of the brand. This has resulted in B&B customers purchasing products because it fits within their social identity construct.

Brand personality can achieve differentiating yourself from other products in the same category (i.e. Yankee Candle) and can drive consumer preferences and usages (i.e. this product is more like me) which is the case of B&B.

What brands do you purchase because of their personality?

-Victoria Bambrick

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