PanAm games?…what’s that?

Pachi (CNW Group/Toronto 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games)
Pachi (CNW Group/Toronto 2015 Pan/Parapan American Games)

This summer, Toronto is set to host the PanAm games, an event described as the the world’s third largest international multi-sport Games;  surpassed in size and scope by the Olympic Summer Games and the Asian Games.  However, it seems that many Torontonians, and those in surrounding areas and abroad, have no idea what the games are about.  An article in the global and mail yesterday mentioned that nearly 2/3 of the games’ tickets remain unsold:

It seems that the PanAm brand itself isn’t very well known locally, and is struggling to grain traction even though the city has been investing millions upon millions in infrastructure and promotional projects.  Many don’t seem to truly grasp what the brand story of the PanAM games is, or the promise that the event is ultimately trying to deliver.  Awareness of the brand is severely lacking when compared to events such as the Olympics, or other sporting events.  A recent poll conducted by the Toronto Sun, available here, found that nearly 77% of respondents indicated they have no interest in attending the games.  Is this an issue where the brand has failed to create the right associations with the public?  Would having more popular/recognizable brand ambassadors help raise awareness levels?

As a brand manager for the event, what would you do differently to help drum up hype and raise the levels of “caring”?  Could the city be doing more?

Anthony Prowell

2 thoughts on “PanAm games?…what’s that?

  1. Yes I def see that there is no brand recognition of the PanAm games, and I believe they should start by getting some recognizable names from the sports world or recognizable Canadian film stars to help promote the even. Even more important, I believe they need to start doing some grass roots building from elementary all the way to high school through presentations, and active promotion of sport in general, which is something that is really losing traction in schools.

    In reality the commercials that the PanAm games have are very inspiring, especially the commercials depicting the physically challenged athletes. Sometimes I feel however, these commercials are not being targeted during the right times at the right audiences and then the organizers don’t captilize on the emotional connection people make from being inspired


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