NBA ALL-STAR Coming to T.O in 2016




The NBA All-Star 2016 logo has just been unveiled today. They have incorporated the iconic CN Tower design into the logo. This announcement has already created a buzz on all social media platforms, with people tweeting, instagraming and posting on Facebook their thoughts about the new logo and what it represents.

The logo, designed in collaboration with the Raptors, integrates the CN Tower silhouette with the team’s red, white and black colors. Additional secondary logos include a signature NBA “star” logo inside a dynamic maple leaf and an All-Star toque logo, featuring a clawed star, which pays tribute to the popular accessory worn during Canada’s winter months.

What do you think about the logo and do you think it will represent the brand in upcoming campaigns? Since the design was in collaboration with the Raptors logo and already so “Toronto focused”, should the Raptors make a push to include the “We the North” campaign into the All Star game?


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Post by: Alisha Ramji

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