Airbnb lets you customize their logo to make it yours


I was scouring the interweb and came across an article about Airbnb’s recent redesign of the company’s logo.  In an effort to foster a personality of “belonging”, Airbnb created a logo it felt embodied key traits of people, places, love, and Airbnb.  What I found most interesting was that they also created a site, CreateAirbnb, which allows users to modify and customize the logo to suit their particular taste.  Check it out:  Create Airbnb

In some of our readings we learned how critical it is for a brand to maintain control of assets, particular the logo.  Here’s an example of a company giving up creative control to allow its users to really embody the spirit of the brand, or at least that’s their intention.

Do you see this strategy as an effective strategy for company’s to better engage with its customers, particularly the new millennials, and one that will have traction, or should companies maintain strict control of their assets?

Airbnb Article

Anthony Prowell

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