Nutrient-laden baby kale, roasted pumpkin seeds, lollo rosso lettuce and olive-infused couscous. You’re thinking I’m referencing items from my WholeFoods grocery list, wrong, this is actually the new line up of salads for Mcdonalds Canada. I came across this video

the other day, where they basically transform a public to this so called “Salad Society” and you can see people just ecstatic about this new delicious salad place. Little did they know that the salads they indulged were actually the new Mcdonald’s Salads selection.

Do you think this is a good strategy to introduce a new image for the burger giant?

P.S The one-week-old video has only 2,000 views.

Link to article:


Adeeb “Ops Man gone Brand”

2 thoughts on “McDonalds???

  1. McDonalds has been trying very hard to change their image from just being the unhealthy, fast food joint, especially as they try to re-position themselves to adapt to changes in consumer preferences and tastes.

    It’s an interesting question regarding whether a company’s can truly be successful in changing the image they’ve built up over time through re-branding efforts. Besides McDonalds, another company that comes to mind when I think of rebranding is Hyundai. They were an automaker plagued with quality and reliability issues back in the 80’s, but have done a terrific job in elevating the perception of their products today. However, regardless of the progress they’ve made, do people still consider them just a Hyundai, and not quite as good as their Japanese or German counterparts? And will that always be the case? Can a company truly change the image and perception consumers have of them?



  2. I think it’s really difficult for McDonalds to change its perception and gain greater market share of the health-conscience sector. McDonalds has always been the go-to for comfort food, therefore, introducing a stream of healthy salad options seems inconsistent with the brand and may be confusing to its existing customers. The introduction of healthy options may gain some new customers, but it won’t make McDonalds the main competitor in the healthy fast-food sector considering there are incumbents with greater credibility and stronger brands. Perhaps the initial step would be to offer greater variety of healthy burgers, veggie burgers etc. something that is more in-line with the McDonalds brand.

    ronak mozayyan


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